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Javascript API/x6dialogs


The two Javascript dialogs x6dialogs.alert and x6dialogs.confirm replace the Javascript native functions alert() and confirm().

The third dialog, x6dialogs.pleaseWait, puts up a suitable notice if your application must do something that will take more than 1-2 seconds.

They are all fully modal, respond to appropriate keystrokes like 'Y', 'N', 'Enter' and 'Esc', and maintain the same style as the rest of the template.


The x6dialogs object expects your HTML to contain two invisible (display:none) divs. One is called "dialogoverlay" and the other is called "dialogbox". These two divs are provided by default on Andromeda templates. If you make your own template and include androHTMLFoot.php at the bottom then your templates will also have these divs.

Making a page fully modal is difficult, because if an INPUT has focus it will be possible for the user to use the keyboard to navigate around. Therefore the code in x4 checks the x6dialogs.currentDialog property, and disallow all activity if that property is not false. If you make your own custom pages that are not Extended Desktop pages, you must have your input's onkeyPress methods also check this property.

If this object is used outside of Andromeda, you must have the file phpWait.php in your public web root, otherwise the x6dialogs.confirm function will not work.

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