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The Tabs Plugin

Tabbed displays are a staple of modern computer programs and web sites. Thanks to the good folks at the jQuery UI team, we have a nice tab bar ready to go. The only drawback is that the ui-tabs jQuery plugin wants our HTML assembled in a certain way. Since this is a repetive task, Andromeda provides a way to do it easily - the tabs plugin.

The x6 plugin "tabs" gives you a very easy way to generate and manage the caption and content of your tabs. Here is a complete example:

class x6example extends androX6 {
    function x6main() {
        $top = html('div');
        #  Get us an empty tab bar.  The first parameter
        #  is a unique id for the tabs bar, the second
        #  is the height in pixels of the content panes.
        $tabs = $top->addTabs('uniqueid',hSize(500));
        #  Make the first tab by calling addTab() and
        #  giving it the caption for the tab.  It will
        #  return a DIV element in which you can put the
        #  content.
        $tab1 = $tabs->addTab('Caption For First Tab');
        $tab1->h('h1',"I am content of the first tab");

        #  make the second tab the same way
        $tab2 = $tabs->addTab('A Second Tab');
        for($x = 0; $x < 10; $x++) {
            $tab2->h('div',"This is line $x in the second tabe");

Keyboard Accessibility

Tabs are automatically assigned numbers, beginning with zero, so that the actual captions in the above example will be '0: Caption for the First Tab' and '1: A Second Tab'. The user can hit CTRL+Number to jump between tabs without using the mouse.

Using jQuery UI-tabs Functionality

You may wish to have Javascript that makes use of the many functions available in the jQuery UI-tabs plugin. You can make use of all of the functionality by making use of the unique ID that was used when the tab bar was created.

More specific information about how to use any jQuery UI plugin is available at

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