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The Default Page

Andromeda decides what page to show a user based on the parameter x6page, as in However, when the user first lands on a site they have not specified a page yet, so there must be a way to send them to a meaningful page.

The x6home Page Method

Create a file in your application directory called 'x6home.php' and have it contain your home page content.

class x6home extends androX6 {
    function x6main() {
        echo "Welcome to the home page!"

Choosing a Page in Code

You can also code up a routine app_nopage() in your application/applib.php file. This function does not actually return a value, it sets a parameter:

# This file is application/applib.php
function app_nopage() {
    if(LoggedIn && !inGroup('customers')) {
        # this is an admin user, send them to the menu
    else {
        # this is a public user, send them to the latest
        # news page
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