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System Architecture

Andromeda is radically database oriented. The entire framework with its philosophy and approach is aimed at applications that have a database underneath them. Our system architecture reflects this. When it comes to the database, Andromeda has an approach that is not available anywhere else, and so naturally our database architecture does not always look like that of other frameworks. In the other layers, such as desktop, web server, or browser, we prefer to make use of the state of the art as supplied by others, but even there our code and its architecture is unmistakably affected by our treatment of the database.

Diagram Zero

The Andromeda approach takes it for granted that it is desirable and possible to implement business rules inside of the database server. Server-side business rules are desirable because they are efficient and non-subvertible. They are possible through the use of triggers, server-side security, and views.

This means that in the Andromeda world our first diagram, which we call Diagram Zero, depicts how the database relates to all other tiers:

This is is the fundamental Andromeda architectural diagram, upon which all others are based.

Child Topics

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