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Session Variables and Public Variables

Andromeda follows very strictly the policy never provide replacements to native functions unless there is a tangible improvement. In the case of Session variables and public (global) variables, Andromeda provides a few routines that prevent collisions between your own application and the Andromeda framework.

Session Variables

Andromeda allows a single person to connect to multiple applications on the same server without mixing up their session variables. This is usually only important to programmers who are running multiple Andromeda programs on their own machine, but for those of us who do this it is a very nice feature that our session variables do not get all mixed up between the applications.

You can keep your own session variables automatically segregrated, so that you can use the same session variable in two different applications and connect to them both simultaneously. To do this, use SessionSet() to set Session variables, and SessionGet() to get them.

class x6example extends androX6 {
    function x6main() {
        # Begin by assigning two session variables
        # Now retrieve these two:
        echo "
Session var1 is ".SessionGet('VAR1'); echo "
Session var2 is ".SessionGet('VAR2'); # This is a nifty trick, if you are not sure if # a session variable has been set, you can provide # a default value to return: echo "
You are a superuser: ".SessionGet("SUPER","N"); } } ?>
Many Andromeda function allow you to specify a value to return if the requested value does not exist. This can greatly simplify your code.

The two advantages of using Andromeda's session variables are that they prevent naming collissions when users accesss multiple apps on the same domain, and they allow you to specify default values for non-existent Session variables.

Global Variables

Whenever you use a framework like Andromeda, and you wish to use global variables, there is always the chance, no matter how small, that there will be a naming collission between your globals and the framework's. Strategies such as namespaces can mitigate this in the case of code, but the fundamental problem always remains.

Andromeda provides the functions vgaSet() and vgaGet() for setting the values of public variables that are guaranteed not to collide with framework variables, or the variables of any PEAR packages or any other library that you choose to use.

class x6example extends androX6 {
    function x6main() {
        # Set two public variables to be retrieved later
        # Now retrieve these two:
        echo "
Global var1 is ".vgaGet('VAR1'); echo "
Global var2 is ".vgaGet('VAR2'); # This is another spot where you can specify a # default value if upstream code has failed to # create the variable. echo "
You are a subscribed: ".vgaGet("subscribed","N"); } } ?>
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