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Session Handling


Session Handling


Andromeda provides wrappers for accessing session variables. The PHP superglobal $_SESSION should not be directly accessed, instead an Andromeda program should use SessionGet and SessionSet.

Do not use session variables for storing information across different requests, such as storing user replies going page-to-page through a wizard. Use Context Functions or Hidden Variables for these instead, they are much more flexible and robust.

It may happen that you have multiple Andromeda applications on a server, and that a browser is connected to more than one of them in multiple tabls. This would result in a collision if you were access $_SESSION directly, because each app would overwrite the variables of the others. Andromeda prevents these collisions automatically whenever SessionGet and SessionSet are used.

Andromeda also prevents collissions between session variables used by the framework and those you may put into your application. All of the Session variables accept an optional last parameter (not documented in the individual functions) The default value of this parameter is 'app', but some framework functions call it with a value of 'fw' to keep these variables separate from application variables. It should be noted that sometimes the framework uses application session variables, so that the application can find them if necessary. Examples of this are session variables UID (current user_id) and PWD (password of current user).

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