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Making Hello World a Menu Entry

Andromeda can be used to create systems that present two complete interfaces to the world. The public face is a website much like any other database-driven website, and the private face is a basic desktop-in-browser application, complete with menus, "CRUD" screens, and custom screens you may code for your users.

If we want our internal users to be able to see the Hello World program, we must put it on the menu. The YAML snippet below will put this program onto the menu for admins only:

# Assume we have a group of super-users who by default
# can read and write to any table
group admin:
    description: Super Users
    permsel: "Y"
    permins: "Y"
    permupd: "Y"
    permdel: "Y"
# This module will appear as a menu tab with the
# "Hello World" program appearing as the first entry
module adminspecial:
    description: Special Admin Programs

# Now the menu entry
menu helloworld:
    module: admin
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