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Database Reads with SQL_OneRow

Your application code can hand a query to the server and retrieve a single row with the SQL_OneRow() function.

class x6helloworld extends androX6 {
    function x6main() {
        # Write out a query to get latest 
        # news article out of a table of
        # news articles.
        $view = ddView('articles')
        $sq="select headline,dateline,summary
               from $view
              order by dateline desc
              limit 1";

Assuming your database contains the ARTICLES table, you might get this output:

     [headline] => The SQL_Allrows Function!
     [dateline] => 02/09/2009
     [summary] => The SQL_AllRows function was unveiled today....

Literal SQL

The SQL_AllRows() function accepts as input a SQL literal command. As output it returns an associative array.

If there is no row returned from the database SQL_OneRow returns false.

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