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Database Programming

Andromeda's full set of database programming features includes dozens of automations, switches, and flags that, when taken together, can be used to fully specify a database and its application logic together in a single place. The Andromedda builder program then builds the database and generates code that enforces the entire specification.

Andromeda database programming features fall into these categories:

  • Database Structure - the basic definition of tables, columns, keys and indexes.
  • Automations - automatically generating values from other values, copying values from one table to another, generating histories.
  • Security - restricting which groups can access which tables, and restricting which groups can access specific columns or rows within a table.
  • Constraints - Preventing an update or delete under certain conditions, or disallowing certain values in columns.
  • Extensions - extensions to basic database concepts, such as ranged primary key (begin and end values that may not overlap), and additional foreign key features.
  • UI Information - additional information that is used by the user interface.

The following pages detail how to make use of these features.

Child Topics

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