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Direct Contributors

Donald Organ,, Current Project Maintainer and Developer

Kenneth Downs,, Principal Author. Kenneth Downs conceived and wrote Andromeda.

Included 3rd Party Additions

  • FPDF, The authors of the FPDF library deserve credit for a fine accomplishment. This library is included in Andromeda.
  • Alf Magne Kalleland,, for the Javascript Calendar control (also previously the Ajax Dynamic List, since replaced with native Andromeda code).
  • All of the authors of The Smarty Template System for PHP, which we have now integrated into Andromeda and which is included in the default installation.
  • Rocket Theme, for The Pixel Perfect Template. These folks do some really nice Joomla templates, and they have allowed us to distribute the "Pixel Perfect" template with the GPL version of Andromeda. Our new 2008 website also comes from Rocket Theme.
  • The entire JQuery Team, for a truly outstanding client-side framework. As of March 21, 2008, JQuery is now integrated into Andromeda. Also:
  • The YAML group at, for the YAML specification, and "spyc" at for providing a YAML parser in PHP.
  • Douglas Crockford ( for jsmin-1.1.0.php, a Javascript minification tool written in PHP.

The Stack

The Andromeda Software depends upon the entire ecosystem of Open-source and Free Software. The tools we cannot live without include:

  • PHP language, at
  • PostgreSQL database, at
  • Apache, at
  • The GNU tools, at

Ken Downs

Andromeda would not have happened without the hardwork and effort of Ken Downs, the mastermind behind what is currently andromeda and its database builder.

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