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A Note About Sizes

Many x6 plugins require you to tell them how high in pixels they should appear. You can always hardcode heights, but this will give you trouble due to Andromeda's use of skins for admin screens. The feature of skins that will cause trouble is that they are size-adjustable, the user can pick one skin if he is on an 800x600 display, and another skin if he is on a 1650x1050 display. If you have hardcoded your sizes, they will look good at one size, but not on any of the other sizes.

Andromeda contains a variety of functions that can be used to make your sizes automatically adjust.

The hSize() and hSizePx() Functions

The simplest way to make your sizes scale is to use the hSizePx() function. You pass in the size that you want if the user is running at 1024x768, and it returns the scaled size for the actual window size the user has selected.

The hSize() function returns a number, and the hSizePx() function returns a string with the 'px' added to it.

class x6example extends androX6 {
    function x6main() {
        $top = html('div');
        $width  = hSizePx(500);
        $height = hsizePx(300);
        $top->hp['style'] = "width: $width; height: $height";

Getting Skin Definitions

The Andromeda skin system works by defining certain constants that are used to generate the style sheet. You can access these constants by using the x6CssDefine() function.

class x6example extends androX6 {
    function x6main() {
        # Get the available height and width
        # of the content area
        # between the menu and the footer
        $inside_height = x6cssDefine('insideheight');
        $inside_width  = x6cssDefine('insidewidth');
        # Get the standard padding used by x6 between
        # objects
        $pad0 = x6cssDefine('pad0');
        # Get the standard font name and size
        $font_name = x6cssDefine('ff0');
        $font_size = x6cssDefine('fs0');
        # I want to make my own HTML elements that are
        # colored the same as the x6 skin, so I need
        # to know what those colors are:
        $dark = x6cssDefine('bgcdark');
        $light= x6cssDefine('bgclight');
        # The skin also defines four 'flavors' of 
        # color that can be used for accents
        $flavor0 = x6cssDefine('flavor0');
        $flavor1 = x6cssDefine('flavor1');
        $flavor2 = x6cssDefine('flavor2');
        $flavor3 = x6cssDefine('flavor3');
The Andromeda x6 skin system is not yet fully tested. Some features of it may change. When it is stabilized a complete listing of defined values will be documented. The examples listed above are stable and will not change, but the example cannot necessarily be extrapolated to find out things that are not explicitly listed.

Getting Element Heights

Let's say that you want to have a custom page that has a grid on it. You need to know how how to make the grid so that it fills the page, but leaves some spacing at the bottom. You will have an H1 title, a line for a hyperlink, the grid, and some spacing. Here is how to compute the height:

class x6example extends androX6 {
    function x6main() {
        $top = html('div');
        # To compute height for the grid, begin with
        # the insideheight
        $height = x6cssDefine('insideheight');
        # Now find out the height of the h1, and 
        # subtract that. 
        $h1Height = x6cssHeight('h1');
        $height -= $h1Height;
        # It might make sense to leave space below the
        # grid equal to the height of the h1 at the top,
        # so subtract out the h1 height again.
        $height -= $h1Height;
        # Now find out how high a line will be that 
        # contains our hyperlink, and subtract that
        $lineheight = x6cssDefine('lh0');
        $height -= $lineheight;
        # Now we can add our content and summon the grid
        $top->h('h1','Example h1 Title');
        $divForA = $top->h('div');
        $link = $divForA->h('a','Example Link');
        $link->hp['href'] = '#';
        # now the grid, which will be explained 
        # further on later pages.
        $grid = $top->addGrid($height);
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